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Adjustable Squat Rack

Adjustable Squat Rack


A squat rack is a type of weight training equipment that consists of two adjustable metal posts that support a barbell. A squat rack allows a person to do deadlifts, barbell lunges, pullups, and overhead presses, among other exercises.

A squat rack may be a useful investment if a person is strength training at home. Squat racks increase safety and stability, which is important to avoid injuries. 

Our Squat rack is a very strong and sturdy piece of equipment made from 100% steel. Does not include any weights. Also very eaasy to use as its adjustable.  

When doing squats, individuals should ensure that their knees are slightly ahead of their ankles and their back is straight while weightlifting. A person should also incorporate a rest day into their workout routine and stretch their muscles before continuing their exercises, which will help their body recover.

If an individual experiences pain while exercising, they should stop immediately and contact a doctor if they experience pain or injury.

What are the benefits of strength training?

Health experts state that strength training exercises may help with:

  • reducing blood pressure
  • reducing the risk of heart disease 
  • reducing pain relating to arthritis
  • preventing osteoperosis
  • increasing muscle mass